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Best-in-class, fully integrated UX design and management console for cross-platform video app deployment.
DANA Framework
The only open SaaS Framework for cross-platform native video app development.
Bespoke Video Experience
Deliver a tailored, branded video app experience across Smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile and web.
Streamava Cloud Gaming
Drive customer loyalty and increase revenue with the industry's highest quality, multi-screen cloud gaming experience.
Off-The-Shelf Video App Solution
Reduce time-to-market and cost by leveraging our turnkey assets with cutting-edge design, that can be rapidly customised.
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DANA Framework: your gateway to cross-platform excellence

The only open SaaS Framework for cross-platform native video app development.


Write once,
deploy everywhere

The DANA Framework is a specialized development environment for cross-platform video applications.

It allows developers to write code once and deploy across all major operating systems and devices, including Linux, Samsung, LG, Android TV, Apple TV, and more.

  • Available in SaaS for global accessibility and scaling flexibility.
  • Compress time-to-market for cross-platform video app delivery.
  • Benefit from superior performance with native rendering engine.
  • Reduce team cost, increase efficiency and eliminate need for OS specialists.

Flexible SaaS model

  • Reduce upfront investment and scale licenses based on business need.
  • Access the DANA Framework from anywhere, enabling efficient remote work.
  • Minimise cost and complexity of maintaining your apps with access to the latest product features and OS updates.
saas model flexibility-1

3x faster time-to-market

  • Single-code solution for rapid cross-platform deployment and seamless third-party app integration.
  • Our research indicates a 2x cost reduction and up to 3x faster time-to-market with this one-time development approach.

Universal compatibility

  • Simplify front-end video app development across diverse operating systems (TV, mobile, web, gaming consoles).
  • Develop your app with standard languages and compile to natively render on any device.
Open & flexible development-2

Native performance on all devices

  • JS abstraction layer binding platform native capacities.
  • Compatible .Net, C++, Swift, Web, Java.
  • Ultra performant rendering engine for Linux and RDK to get the most out of your hardware.
Schema Framework

A single code base abstraction layer

  • Achieve cross-platform efficiency with a single UI code action, ensuring native code implementation and delivering top-notch performance on all supported devices.
  • Streamline the development process by utilizing a single code base, reducing complexities and enhancing productivity.
Framework Code

DANA Framework, the foundation of Timeless

  • Timeless, our top-tier UX design and management console, is fully based on the DANA Framework.
  • Utilize the DANA Framework to access Timeless' low-code features while maintaining full technical control for tailored solutions.
Framework Screens

Access to documentation

Access the full documentation
and test run our Open Framework in minutes.

Why the Wiztivi Framework?

One-code solution Write once, deploy everywhere. A single agnostic JS script means native deployment across every device, from smart TVs to mobile and game consoles.  
Cost-effective scalability Manage various technologies with just one team, utilizing pre-built components and a one-click deployment process for unprecedented savings.  
Superior performance Ensure consistent high-quality experience across devices thanks to native rendering engine and component optimisation.  
Seamless integration Meet integration challenges effortlessly with a Framework compatible with any backend provider and any billing system.  
Stability and reliability Rely on solid development and testing processes to ensure performance even in complex video service environments.
Comprehensive support Stay ahead of the curve with continuous updates, security patches and support, ensuring compatibility with the latest operating systems and technologies.

Delivering a seamless and complete video experience to customers around the world

"We launched Vodafone TV in Portugal and for the first time we have a serious Ad Campaign with Prime time focus, outdoors everywhere in the country and a digital campaign too. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts in the last years and how you have supported not only the project but me and the team in getting to where we are today. Many many thanks."

Michel RodriguesHead of TV Development at Vodafone