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Best-in-class, fully integrated UX design and management console for cross platform video application deployment
Wiztivi Framework
The only open SaaS framework for cross-platform native video application development
Bespoke Video Experience
Deliver a tailored, branded video app experience across Smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile and web with our end-to-end solution from conception to launch.
Streamava end-to-end cloud gaming solution
Drive customer loyalty and increase revenue with the industry's highest quality, multi-screen cloud gaming experience - entirely managed by our gaming experts.
Off-The-Shelf Video App Solution
Reduce time-to-market and cost by leveraging our turnkey assets with cutting-edge design, that can  be rapidly customised.

Streamava End-to-End Cloud Gaming Solution

Everyone wants to play!



Our white label multi-screen solution guarantees a seamless and high-quality gaming experience with low to no latency. Dive into a vast library of 350+ games, carefully curated from top-notch publishers to ensure a high degree of user engagement.

  • Turnkey Solution for All Your Cloud Gaming Needs 

  • Most Experienced (10+ Years) Team in the Industry
  • Focus on Premium Gaming Experiences

  • Global Reach & Scalability


  • Streamava empowers you to differentiate your offering, drive new revenue and foster loyalty.
  • Enable the high quality gaming experiences as a fresh source of family entertainment, securing  your user base for the long haul.
  • Tap into our analytics and insight capabilities to maximise revenue and personalise user experiences.



  • Our experts adeptly adapt game content for seamless experiences across devices.

  • By transposing intricate mechanics, visuals and interactions, coupled with stringent quality assurance, we guarantee top-tier gaming experiences every time on every device.


  • Comprehensive solution trusted by industry leaders 
  • Powered by industry leading streaming technology for over 10 years
  • Expansive library of over 350 curated games, cutting-edge technical infrastructure and the flexibility to be hosted on the cloud.
  • Team of experts, covering content licensing, porting, platform deployment and operations, maintenance and support, analytics and design services. 


  • Broad compatibility, supporting all types of gamepads and a wide variety of devices, from Linux and Android set-top boxes to mobiles and PCs.
  • We ensure that you can cater to a diverse user base, maintaining consistent quality across multiple platforms.

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Instant Play Streamava boasts the fastest game launch time, eliminating virtualization-related delays for an unmatched gaming experience.  
Superior quality Our top-tier algorithm for video/audio encoding and transmission ensures a lag-free, high-quality gaming experience.  
White Label

Thanks to its skinning capabilities and modularity, Streamava adapts perfectly to your brand universe and integrates seamlessly into your offer.

Eco-Smart Gaming Our dynamic on/off switch for gaming servers optimizes computing power, making Streamava a greener alternative to traditional gaming solutions.  
Open roadmap Our open roadmap approach fosters active customer involvement in shaping our project's direction, ensuring a customer-centric journey.
No latency Streamava's technology thrives in any network, guaranteeing top-quality performance on WiFi, ADSL, and 5G/4G.
SFR Gaming

Bringing visibility to SFR's ecosystem with a renewed and accessible cloud-gaming user interface.

"Wiztivi Gaming’s highly skilled team provides SFR with a high-quality platform, streaming games in HD and in 50 frames per second. SFR now offers its end users the most successful cloud gaming service: a convenient and easy-to-play gaming experience for the whole family, with best-in-class content, available through all SFR STBs and convergent on PC/Mac."

Anne-Laure CaffinHead of gaming at SFR

Schedule a meeting with our experts

Meet with our experts, get a full demo and advices you need for your project.
We are here to answer all your questions.

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