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Best-in-class, fully integrated UX design and management console for cross-platform video app deployment.
DANA Framework
The only open SaaS Framework for cross-platform native video app development.
Bespoke Video Experience
Deliver a tailored, branded video app experience across Smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile and web.
Streamava Cloud Gaming
Drive customer loyalty and increase revenue with the industry's highest quality, multi-screen cloud gaming experience.
Off-The-Shelf Video App Solution
Reduce time-to-market and cost by leveraging our turnkey assets with cutting-edge design, that can be rapidly customised.
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Transforming engagement
with bespoke
video experiences

We manage your end-to-end solution, from conception to launch.


The complete offering

Tailored to meet the dynamic demands of leading players in the Telecoms and Media sectors, we craft a distinctive, branded experience that fosters customer engagement and loyalty.

With the DANA Framework, we extend your video experience across all devices.

  • End-to-end solution crafted for you from concept to deployment.
  • Latest roadmap features customised to brand requirements.
  • Guaranteed consistent experience across the device universe.
  • Dedicated experts providing end-to-end support and managed services.

Designing distinctive experiences

  • Our bespoke video experiences amplify brand voices through personalized video experiences.
  • Our designers collaborate with your branding and marketing teams to create a distinctive solution.
  • We supplement our core roadmap with custom features that drive engagement and foster loyalty.

Managing complexity

  • We ensure consistent branded video experiences for millions of customers across more than a dozen platforms.
  • Our team of experts manage some of the most complex device ecosystems in the world.
  • Thanks to our Wiztivi Framework, we allow rapid mulit-platform deployment with a single code.

We understand your challenges

Our work on 100s of video projects ranging from legacy Linux STB launches, to cutting-edge Android TV, mobile, web, VR, and Smart TV apps, has honed our ability to overcome technical and design challenges to bring your vision to life.

Evolving customer demands Today's consumers demand seamless, intuitive and fast video experiences. They expect to access content anywhere, anytime and on any device. Quality of experience is the number one driver of our solution deployment strategy. It requires the intricate knowledge of each platform to deploy new features without degrading the QoE on various platforms.
The need for truly personalized experiences Difficulties in providing a tailored user experience that not only reflects your brand but also end user preferences. Combining design expertise with personalisation features and analytics insights is required to craft impactful personalised experiences.
Technology integration issues Ensuring compatibility across various platforms and devices while maintaining high performance is a complex science. Our experts bring more than a decade of expertise and know-how to solve compatibility challenges, across the legacy infrastructure as well as emerging technologies. 
Monetization and scalability We understand the challenges in monetizing the video platform and scaling it effectively to meet rising demand. We are continuously adding new features into our core offering to drive engagement and monetisation allowing you to earn as you grow. 

Our keys to your success

Cross-platform compatibility
Our solutions ensure consistent performance, irrespective of the device or platform, giving users a fluid experience.
Customised video UI/UX
Leveraging the DANA Framework, we design experiences that resonate with your brand and cater to your audience on all screens.
Scalable solutions
With support from 200+ technologists and video experts, our products are designed to scale, ensuring you're ready for tomorrow's growth.
UI-Powered monetization
With our cutting-edge UI designs, we amplify user engagement, directly translating into heightened revenue opportunities.

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