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Vodafone TV

Delivering a seamless and complete video experience to customers in ten countries with the DANA Framework.

Vodafone Group

British telecommunications group, 3rd mobile network operator in Europe.

“Help us deliver a homogeneous video experience across our footprint to customers using multiple generations of devices. Also, help us manage the complexity of a multi-country deployment without impacting the customer experience".
A complete modular and flexible approach where each country can choose customized functionalities based on local market trends and user preferences.

Project details

Offer new, innovative and modern features taking in account the need to create a flexible technical environment, responding to the problems of different markets in terms of devices, infrastructure and network.

A singular UI for seamless aggregation

The strength of this platform lies in its ability to seamlessly aggregate content on a large scale. When searching for content, we harness data from a comprehensive array of sources, encompassing VOD, live broadcasts, third-party providers and beyond.

A service all designed for kids' delight

Vodafone has been at the forefront of crafting a tailored experience for our youngest viewers. To deliver a simple and secured UI, we've unlocked a universe where even those who haven't yet mastered the art of reading can effortlessly navigate and engage.


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Thanks to our DANA Framework, we delivered a flexible and modular solution while still offering a unified user experience that aligns with the Vodafone brand universe. This allowed Vodafone to adapt its offerings according to the specificities of each market, culture, or laws in force concerning the protection of personal data.

Case Study - Vodafone - Apps tab
Case Study - Vodafone - Current channel
Case Study - Vodafone - Entry
Case Study - Vodafone - Grid layout
Case Study - Vodafone - Movie info
Case Study - Vodafone - On now
Case Study - Vodafone - Tab focus

Vodafone talks about us

"We launched Vodafone TV in Portugal and for the first time we have a serious Ad Campaign with Prime time focus, outdoors everywhere in the country and a digital campaign too. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts in the last years and how you have supported not only the project but me and the team in getting to where we are today. Many many thanks."

Miguel RodriguesHead of TV Development at Vodafone TV

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