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TimelessUI Universe is our state-of-the-art multiscreen User Interface product. Its flexibility allows to get the best out of the UI components to match your devices’ capabilities. As it can evolve over time, you are already preparing the future. Powered by the Wiztivi Framework, TimelessUI Universe takes advantage over competition with a powerful native rendering and silky-smooth navigation and offers your subscribers a new and unique way to consume television.

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Operator Experience

Fully manage your UX from the backend and optimize your business up-sell on a large surface of contact points.

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Content & User Centric

Aggregate and promote all your content regardless of the source or type of program. Personalize it by giving access to a personal library and custom recommendations.

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Native voice control

Offer a brand-new experience to your subscribers, using voice to search for content on their favourite connected devices.

Altice Gen8

All operators united under the Altice banner entrusted Wiztivi to build the next big thing in TV.

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"TimelessUI Universe is an experience about people and their relationship with the digital world. Our design is not only about proposing, but also about understanding. The idea was not to cram features in, but include those that matter and intended to evolve with its users."
Thomas Lautredou - UX Strategist at Wiztivi
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