Lab Where it all starts

The Lab,where it all starts.

A team of designers, analysts and testers, ready to tackle any project. With a design-first strategy, the Lab handles the conception and delivery of user experiences before moving on to development. Our goal is providing end users with an innovative, proven and engaging interface.

Jack of all trades

From sketching to motion, the Lab offers an ever-increasing number of creative services: ideation, workshops, UX and UI studies, wireframing, prototyping, motion and animation, design and illustration... and much more.

Process & design systems

Bound to an efficient process, the Lab focuses on production-ready creation. The team harnesses the power of atomic principles to build and maintain our design systems, a tight link between the Lab and Development.

Quality assurance, a honest trade

Testers and analysts rein in the Lab creative minds, insuring our experiences are flawless for end users. Batteries of tests are run on every update to the project, starting with input from the Lab and finishing with end user behavior tracking.

TimelessUI Universe

The analysts and designers of the Lab came together around this exhilarating project to offer a turnkey and innovative product, centered both on the user and on the content for a unique experience.

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