Life at Wiztivi,indoor sneak peek.

There is work, and there is free time. Although we take pleasure in our job, lunch breaks are always a good moment to share and build team spirit. Enter Wiztivi's house and pull the curtains aside.

Perfection is the only goal

To stay at the cutting edge of technology and develop the knowledge of our teams, we set up regular collaborative efforts: from professional training to internal fun hackathons, workshops and more, everything is done for continuous improvement.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

While we love computing, we also organise very serious Mario Kart and Tekken competitions. Games yes, but not only! To stay focused, competitive, and healthy, there's nothing like a good basketball, football or table tennis match. When you will come and visit us, don't forget your sports shoes: we will challenge you!

We live as one team

Team building is essential and we do not miss an opportunity to develop team spirit with various after-works, sunny barbecues, seminars or traditional end-of-the-year events. Getting to know each other reflects positively on our work.