"As we are the largest supplier in the world, can you help us deliver a complete and homogeneous offer, in all countries of operation, to our customers ?"

Vodafone - 2017

We responded with a completely modular approach to our UI. Each country therefore has the possibility of choosing its functionalities according to the needs arising from the culture of its user population.

Modularity and agility

The objective was to offer new, innovative and modern features. An important specificity of this project was the need to create a flexible technical environment, responding to the problems of different countries in terms of infrastructure and network.

Resume Kung Fu Panda

It's also a kids world

Vodafone was one of the first to provide a fully customized experience for our younger ones. Simplicity and security were keys in delivering a relevant TV interface that can be used... without even knowing how to read!

the power of our Framework

At the largest of scales, using our core framework was key to the success of this project.

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What is the best series?

One interface to unite them all, our content-centric approach

The true power of this platform, for users, is definitely the large-scale content aggregation. When searching or playing content, we gather data from all known sources, be it VOD, live, third-parties or others.

"We launched Vodafone TV in Portugal and for the first time we have a serious Ad Campaign with Prime time focus, outdoors everywhere in the country and a digital campaign too. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts in the last years and how you have supported not only the project but me and the team in getting to where we are today. Many many thanks."
Miguel Rodrigues - Head of TV Development at Vodafone
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