IBC 2019it was nice to see you!

IBC 2019 was such a great edition! Wiztivi were very happy to see you all and to meet most of you. Thank you to everyone for visiting us in Amsterdam.

But the most important thing was to see how well you welcomed our last born, the new TimelessUI Universe: our teams are very proud of your interest in it. For those who, unfortunately, couldn’t come, here is a brief reminder of the great principles of our new UI product, Timeless UI Universe:

  • Totally multi-platform, allowing to have the same user experience whether you’re on a TV, tablet or mobile.
  • “Operator experience” which allows to control the UX from the backend and optimize business up-sell through a large surface of customer contact.
  • Content centric, with aggregation and promotion of all the content at the same level.
  • User centric, with intelligent content recommendation and a full profile management system.
  • Voice controls, allowing users to control the UI and search for content just by speaking.

If you want to know more about this powerful Timeless UI Universe, do not hesitate to contact us: we’ll send you all the details you need and will provide you a link to our explanatory video.

See you soon!