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Séverine Lebrun

Stimulate digital innovation with a hackathon

On January 25th, 26th and 27th, Wiztivi participated as a project leader in the first hackathon of the IMT Atlantique, a French graduate engineering school.

For 48 hours, 70 students met for an online Hackathon and found original, prototyping & coding solutions to innovate on the theme of "digital technology at the service of time". Christopher Crosnier (engineer) and Séverine Lebrun (UX-UI designer and sustainable development officer) represented Wiztivi, and were among three project leaders: 


A pertinent topic of our times

Concerns about screen usage time are growing, especially regarding the impact on children's development. As a digital player, it was important for Wiztivi to anticipate this societal issue in order to protect users from possible excessive or inappropriate use of screens. As part of this eco-responsible approach, we therefore asked the students to create a digital service allowing the user to analyze and regulate his/her consumption of TV services. The idea is to sensitize the users through a playful awareness of their consumption time and to make them an active participant thanks to responsible gaming.


Proposals from the students

Twelve teams of students, supervisors and project leaders gathered on Discord and videoconferencing to co-create and coordinate a small feat of organization and technique. Four teams of six people worked on Wiztivi's subject, and each group has chosen to approach it in a different way, which resulted in a great wealth and diversity of proposals. Presentations, interactive prototypes, wireframes and mock-ups were four of the different focal points of the proposals.


Proposal 1: Playful management of children's screen time by parents

Hackathon-IMT Proposal-1

By Nicolas Dieryck, Samuelle Mollard, Glenn Louarn, Valentin Menoret, Xavier Aleman and Vincent Beiglig.


Proposal 2: Effective management of screen time for students


By Adrien Mazet, Alexandre Naudi, Ander Friou, Gabriel Souvignet, Jules Lesaulnier and Stéphane Yang.


Proposal 3: Encouragement of users to engage in activities other than screen viewing.

Hackathon IMT Proposal-3

By Nicolas Gouraud, Christophe Dos Santos Neto, Isuru Haupe, Raphaël Hascoët and Gabriel Guedj.


Proposal 4 (3rd place hackathon): Awareness of children and parents on screen time integrated into the Wiztivi TV product.

Hackathon-IMT proposal-4

By Omar Dramé, Julien Kerlero De Rosbo, Oscar Gloaguen, Thomas Herbelin and Maxime Laug.



The subject dealt with thoroughly, with a surprising result in three days from different groups (from the 1st to the 3rd year, with generalist and technical profiles). The file deserves to be pursued in the future in order to offer more and more innovative products.


By Séverine Lebrun