Multiscreen SDK.

01. The Fragmentation

Over the past decade, operators have been suffering from the rigidity of software updates for their products. It was almost impossible to deploy an attractive User Interface and have the flexibility to add new features over time.

02. Our Answer

WIZTIVI’s talented team offers media and operators an answer to this problem  by building a real development environment and a software foundation to deploy quickly best-in-class User Interfaces on Set-Top-Box and other screens.

No matter the type of screen, we will create and provide fast deployment for your IPTV or OTT service thanks to The WIZTIVI FRAMEWORK. With the Framework, you will be able to do it yourself and take control over your UI!

03. Features

The WIZTIVI FRAMEWORK is our multiscreen & multidevice UI development kit, a single platform for multiple UI delivery. It is a full development environment delivering smooth and optimized User Experiences.

The WIZTIVI FRAMEWORK includes all the required tools to deploy a full UI

  • EPG

  • VOD, SVOD & Catchup

  • Live TV

  • PVR Services

04. Flexibility & Scalability

The WIZTIVI FRAMEWORK is flexible: the features of the UI are adapted to the environment of the targeted device in order to improve animations and transitions. Each component’s behavior can be adjusted separately.

See the MyMTV Use-Case

Development environment

Documentation, Skeletons, components and automated testing tools

Single page application

Optimized for targeted devices

A runtime environment

The WIZTIVI FRAMEWORK is loaded and run in a browser


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