Tactical guide: the 5 best practices for a unified cross-device strategy

How this ebook will help you

  • Guide on how to develop your own cross-device UI.
  • What to think about when developing and launching your video service.
  • How to create a plan of constant improvement and iteration.

The information contained here – compiled by technical and commercial experts with many years in the industry – will lay the groundwork for cross-device success, helping you to generate additional revenue, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and create a distinct competitive advantage in your market.


Table of content


  • Adapting to change
  • New consumer habits
  • How this ebook will help you?

Chapter 1: Mastering the upstream procurement process

  • Your business model
  • Acceptable timelines for the project
  • Required territories for launch
  • What you should include in your RFP

Chapter 2: Choosing your partner

  • The hidden danger of underpriced bids
  • Navigating cross-device complexity
  • What to look for in your chosen tech partner?

Chapter 3: Development & launch

  • Graphical & Ergonomic Consistency
  • OS Compliance
  • Feature Ubiquity
  • Fleet-wide compatibility & legacy management
  • Basic development and launch roadmap

Chapter 4: Product lifecycle & legacy maintenance

  • Graphic & technical evolutions
  • Quality of Service
  • Audience usage
  • Monetisation

Chapter 5: The art of constant improvement

  • Respond to changing viewer habits
  • Improve personalisation
  • Reduce subscriber churn
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • The Wizitivi Framework: How to optimise the maintenance and life of your service
  • Post-launch snags to look out for

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