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Streamava is the world's leading cloud gaming service for IPTV and cable operators. This multi-screen solution is made to be easily integrated in operator’s existing environment and plugged to their billing system. This technology delivers a high-quality experience, ready for commercial deployment to quickly access a constantly growing market. For the end user, it's a new world with access to a complete catalogue of games, without any need to purchase console or the game itself.

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Create new revenue or increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) by providing an all new way of experiencing home entertainment. Altice and Orange benefit from this solution for deployment in the field since 2010.

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Keep your subscribers happy by offering new and differienciating content. With Streamava, you have access to more than 300 games, from top publishers.

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Highlight the quality of your network and boost your high bandwidth subscriptions (fiber, LTE, 5G...).

SFR Gaming

After a decade, innovation came in for a second round. Wiztivi Gaming, up for the challenge, upped the game.

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"I am proud of the team that continuously improved the product and service for over twenty years now. Hundreds of thousands of happy end users create a stable business to our customers. Not many in the cloud gaming business can say they have witnessed that from the beginning".
Samppa Turunen - CTO at Wiztivi Gaming
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