The FrameworkOne code for n devices

Thanks to this complete development environment, operators and media have access to a software foundation to deploy best-in-class User Interfaces. Based on Javascript, the Wiztivi Framework allows to develop one unique code for multiple types of devices, providing a fast deployment solution for IPTV and OTT services.

Increase productivity

Abstracting the different features offered by a large variety of devices enables the creation of future-proof code that runs on various environments.

"What's on tonight?"

Increase Quality

While using hardware abstraction to ease the development of the UI, the Wiztivi Framework has also abstracted the rendering part: depending on the device, it can use various rendering technologies (native, openGL, CSS, canvas) with the same source code in order to get the best out of the device.

"Resume my latest film"

Reduce costs

Thanks to specific build tools and debugging features, the Wiztivi Framework offers a unique code to develop and maintain for all your devices.

Altice Generation 8

Altice NextGen STB has been deployed with the Wiztivi Framework and is now deployed in several countries.

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"From generation to generation, we refined and optimized our concepts and our level of functional abstraction. Our Framework has won all its challenges and adapts with impressive speed to the needs of our most demanding customers."
Alan Lesaint - Technical Manager at Wiztivi
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