01. The Project

The WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK solution for the development of the User Interface has been integrated into the hybrid OTT and DVB – T/C Set-Top-Box, being deployed by Vodafone Group in Spain and Italy.


In addition to live TV, Vodafone end-users can benefit from an enhanced user experience to access VOD and Catchup TV. Search & recommendation features allow access to favourite content, even content from 3rd Party apps like Netflix.

3rd Party-apps integration

Integration of the most popular video apps like Netflix, Youtube, BBC Sport and so on.

Target devices

  • Hybrid OTT and DVB – T/C Set-Top-Box

02. Challenges

The modularity of the WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK has been used to adapt the UI based on constraints in each country it has been deployed so far.

Technical expertise

The development and the integration of the UI components into Vodafone’s environment were fully managed by Wiztivi’s teams, in accordance with Vodafone’s requirements. Wiztivi’s Developers take the best out of the Set-Top-Box performance in order to create the finest user experience and improve the animations of the service. Thanks to Wiztivi’s experts, transitions were also optimised to deliver the feeling of an ongoing experience that would match with Vodafone’s expectations.

UX Consistency

Wiztivi managed too the integration of backend technology in order for Vodafone to improve the consistency across the targeted market. To achieve this, Wiztivi’s developers used the WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK solution to deliver one common code to both countries. The optimised single base of development that is common to each model of this Set-Top-Box then recognises the country in which the Set-Top-Box is located to adapt the content available. Vodafone’s end users benefit from a unified experience.

03. Our added value

    All along the project, Wiztivi kept providing
  • A strong qualified team of Developers senior experts in STB environment alongside with,
  • a strong project management using agile methodology to deliver step by step features and evolutions were key success factors in this project.
  • and a great flexibility to deliver one code with adaptations and evolutions according to each market.