01. Pioneering Technology

Wiztivi partnered with Toshiba, a European leader and innovator in pioneering high technology, through the development of Toshiba Places in Europe and Asia. The service granted users access to services including VOD, music, social networks, etc. all adapted to their devices. Directly integrated with  Toshiba devices such as connected television sets,  tablets and the Toshiba PC, it was truly the first of it’s kind.



Target Devices:

  • TV Sets (2)

02. Inventive Controls

From January to March 2012, Wiztivi developed the Toshiba Places AMEA extension (Asia, Middle East and Africa) for Toshiba’s connected TVs.

Users can enjoy a variety of services on their Toshiba TV, including BBC iPlayer, YouTube and an open browser so they can navigate the web directly on their TV.

03. Innovative UX

Wiztivi opened the doors for new and diverse user control methods. All services can be managed by remote control or by an application developed by Wiztivi. The Toshiba remote control app for smartphones/tablets and can be accessed when the TV is connected to the home network via built-in WiFi, USB WiFi dongle or Ethernet cable.

This innovation set the ball rolling, giving momentum to the multi screen movement.