01. Smooth transitions & animations

One of the biggest challenges met when making the SFR Games on Demand service launch was in making the service to run as smoothly as possible. This involved making the game portal to run as asynchronously as possible to avoid any frame drops and enable the smooth animations and transitions.

The game portal was and is still running over the games as overlay, and implementing this to work well in general and with all the games was a challenge. Launching the games and getting from games back to the game portal was made as smooth as possible.


Target Devices:

  • Set-Top-Box (STB)
  • Smartphones and tabs

02. Pioneer

Both portal and the in game portal were also very new technology back in 2010, so there was lot’s of work and changes happening in the internal API’s and also in the API’s between the game portal, games and all other related components.

03. Technologies experts

Simultaneously to the portal,  we developed many technologies for the SFR launch, for example:

  • backend database solution (allowing to identify user profiles with unique nicknames, handle offers & purchases etc.),
  • high-score service,
  • game metadata packaging system,
  • automated stress-testing system
  • and also developed the game porting further.

“Wiztivi Gaming highly skilled and dedicated team work daily to provide SFR with a high quality platform streaming over 250 games in HD and in 50 frames per second. Thanks to this fully commited and trustfull partner SFR offers its end users the most successful cloud gaming service: a convenient and easy-to-play gaming experience for the whole family, with best-in-class content, available through all SFR STB and convergent on PC/Mac”.

Anne-Laure CaffinHead of Games at SFR-Numericable (ALTICE Group)