01. The Project

To provide SFR with a new version of their Catchup portal aggregating more around 60 TV Channels content.

The project is to reinforce the operator position as a content aggregator.


Target Devices:

  • SFR Netgem STB
  • SFR Evolution STB

02. Challenges

A Wiztivi solution tailored for operators including a back office and backend.

This project aims at:

  • reinforcing the operator position as a content aggregator with promotional and monetization tools.
  • reducing the TTM of the integration of new channel content.
  • providing brand reinforcement to TV Channels.

03. Design Expertise

Operator brand reinforcement:
Highlight multi-channel premium contents. Content surfacing of premium partners to optimize portal monetization.

TTM improvement:
No modifications required in the STB code to implement new channels to the portal. Integration of new channels is under complete control with well-defined steps.

TV Channel brand reinforcement:
Templated and specific corner give broadcasters the opportunity to integrate their own catchup portal or to create a portal of their own using the back office from which they may editorialize and customise their content.

Such a project brings a solution to operators that aims to reinforce their position as a content aggregator as much as it gives TV channels the freedom of managing their portal and content.