01. The Project

Sat.tv, an application for mobile and web. With this multimedia application, users can browse programme schedules of channels available via the HOTBIRD satellite and also create a personalised corner.


Target Devices:

  • Smartphones iOS and Android
  • Tablet iOS and Android

02. Challenges

  • International application
  • Single interface for all devices  
  • An application to appeal to as many people as possible (user friendly).

03. Design Expertise

Provided the app is international, it was necessary to conceive an interface capable of adapting to latin, gaelic, asian or arabic characters. TIMELESSUI, was chosen by Eutelsat as the appropriate solution to manage Multi-languages issues.

The application is aimed at everyone, especially those not overly accustomed to the use of new technologies. We used responsive tutorials to guide users during their first interaction or use of the service.

Sat.tv was launched on May, 2016. Since then, the application has been downloaded more than 500.000 times.