01. Enjoy TF1 anywhere, anytime

With MyTF1 VOD, users have access to the VOD TF1 catalog directly from their couch on their TV, computer or tablet.  The service broadcasts some of the latest films (four months after theatre release) and the best and exclusive of American series (after they were originally broadcast in the U.S).


  • TF1 (2012)

Target Devices:

  • STB’s
  • PCs

02. Your content, your way

Wiztivi developed for TF1 a comprehensive and user-friendly application, accessible from anywhere, anytime and in any way you want. The app is available on multiple devices.

03. UX improvement

In collaboration with Wiztivi’s team, TF1 came up with the idea it should renew the User Experience (UX) of the service, both for the Free and web version.

In order to personalise the service, Wiztivi’s team made the integration of a searching engine and personalisation functions like profile and video management.  

End-users may purchase the content they want as a billing solution was integrated in both version of service.

The WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK (SDK) helped Wiztivi’s Developers to provide one service that takes the best out of the constraints environments on which it was deployed for this project.

The crossplatform VOD app makes TF1’s content more accessible than ever.