01. Interactive & Educational TV Channel

Wiztivi is proud to announce it’s partnership with AB Groupe, France’s first independent broadcaster and one of the largest producers in the country with 16 television channels, for create and develop the new personalised TV channel; Mon Science & Vie Junior, the first interactive and educational TV channel of its kind.


  • AB Group

Target Devices:

  • Set-Top-Boxes (STB)

02. Recommendation Engine

The channel for Orange and Bouygues STBs aims to provide an interactive and modern medium for educating children. This innovative solution developed by the Wiztivi team involves once again the incorporation of the Cognik recommendation engine.

The services allows for the creation of up to three sub profiles which, thanks to the ergonomic layout can be managed with ease. Cognik’s recommendation engine enables the programming of each profile and allows for the history of each individual one to be saved and subsequently displayed upon launch. It lends greatly to the overall customisation of the channel.

03. User Experience

Mon Science & Vie Junior boasts additional features for children such as themed quizzes and a search function. The channel is easily navigated using simple controls and the use of overlay menus. Furthermore,  the channel’s content can be ranked and voted on by users ensuring its efficiency. Mon Science & Vie Junior offers children an interactive and immersive way of learning.

04. Write once, deploy everywhere!

By going with Wiztivi, AB Group chose a trustworthy partner and a high reference in regards to personalised TV Channels. Mon Science et Vie was deployed on different Set-Top-Boxes thanks to the WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK versatility that allows a significant Time-to-market improvement for crossplatform deployment of the service: by writing one code, the maintenance of the service is easier.

Wiztivi’s Developers optimised the code to take the best of all the targeted devices.

This deal demonstrates the Group’s commitment to investing in premium content : “I am very glad that we have been able to conclude this deal which allows us greater exposure of our original productions dedicated to My Science & Vie Junior. The possibility of increasing the visibility of our content is a unique opportunity for this new interactive channel aimed at those curious or passionate about Science."

Richard MAROKODirector of Programmes at AB Groupe