01. The Project

Playstation users should be able to use their gaming control to search according to their tastes, for items in Dailymotion’s catalog, be it sports, games, fashion, Cinema or other content categories.

Once they start watching a video of their choice, the application should then make a playlist that suggests other videos based on what the user has just watched.

Target devices

  • Playstation 3™
  • Playstation 4™
  • Playstation VITA™

02. Challenges

Many challenges were overcome during the project. Some of them descibed as follows:

  • Release of the application in more than 30 different languages in 30 different countries, which have multiple reading directions.
  • Development of the application in the SONY « WebMaf » Framework.
  • Ability to share videos on Facebook.
  • Inserting preroll ads before the playing of videos.

03. Our Answer

The User experience was one of Wiztivi’s concern during the project. Dailymotion service for Sony’s gaming consoles had to take into account both big screen navigation paradygm and the use of the gamepad as a remote control. Wiztivi’s design & ergonomics Experts were responsible for leading this mission.

In order for the application to be available in more than 30 languages, its development was achieved by using the WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK, Wiztivi’s HTML5 UI SDK.

The Integration of SONY APIs to read videos and then port them was implemented so the social sharing on Facebook is on.



We are really excited to be unveiling our new PS4 app. Sony and PS4 are iconic global brands and we are proud to be developing our partnership with them through this launch. This is part of Dailymotion’s on-going commitment to ensure our global audience of millions can watch engage with and share our growing catalogue of content from anywhere that they wish.

Vincent MartinVP, media development at Dailymotion