01. Smart Cabin Player

ASTRONICS PGA AVIONICS, a leader in providing avionic companies with software for in flight entertainment (IFE) solutions for VVIP/VIP/Corporate aircrafts, has recently deployed its ‘Smart Cabin Player’ application to be set up aboard aircrafts (e.g, Boeing & Airbus). The Audio/video On-Demand (AVOD), multilanguage, multiscreen and multidevice service has been designed after TIMELESSUI, Wiztivi’s UI product.

Target Devices:

  • TV Sets
  • STB
  • Tablets

02. Multiscreen AVOD service

This portal features AVOD, Live Streaming (camera, Map View, TV Blu-ray) and games.

The ASTRONICS PGA AVIONICS portal is ported onto Samsung connected TVs, Ipads and the Pbox, an onboard plane STB designed to host the new and lighter IP based IFE architecture.

03. TIMELESSUI modularity at 40.000 feet!

The ASTRONICS PGA AVIONICS portal developed and designed by Wiztivi is a direct deployment of the Wiztivi’s TIMELESSUI product including AVOD service, live streaming, and gaming. It provides a true media centric experience for end-users.

The portal is available in 5 different skins and languages demonstrating both the adaptability and modularity of TIMELESSUI.