01. The Project

The project is a partnership between Altice US, world leading Media group gathering many Pay-TV operators and Wiztivi leading company in applications and master User Interfaces (UI) for Set-top-boxes, TV sets, mobile devices (smartphones tabs…) and gaming consoles. The original idea of this project would be for Altice US to revamp and offer a brand new multiscreen UI that would meet market requirements and fit with new mobile usages.


  • Live TV including a zapping banner, a contextual hub, a reminder function…
  • TV Guide: horizontal EPG (with access to VOD and replay), watch and startover function
  • On demand
  • Replay
  • Additional features : voice search, recommendation, Media center, settings, NPVR

Target devices

  • Set-Top-Box
  • Mobile devices

02. The Wiztivi Creative Studio

The solution and UEX design mission would be to offer  to Altice US an accurate multiscreen solution in order to remain among the leading video service provider in an ever evolving environment with tough competition. Created in 2007, the Wiztivi Studio (WCS) has played an active part in the Connected TV market evolution. A world-class team of UEX, UI, Visual and Motion Designers daily works in order to think hand in hand with Developers to build the next big thing in UEX.

All along the project Wiztivi Creative studio delivered one UI along with 2 different UEXs: one is fully adapted to the constraints of the Set-Top-Box environment and the other adapted to mobile device ways of navigating. Wiztivi’s design process and UIs have been put to the test with people from the 5 continents.

03. Designing a best in class multiscreen UEX

All along the project, the WCS was required to conceive in collaboration with Altice US the way of how to bring a modern and intuitive UEX to end-users. Features like the first install, the info page or the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) were reconsidered during the project. Guillaume Mur, head of WCS at Wiztivi to add: “The original idea was to offer an immersive UEX from which end-user would access their content the easiest way possible.

As Creative Director, Guillaume Mur effortlessly orchestrated his team to produce near-flawless deliveries. His ability to understand different business models, particularly on a global scale, have consistently impressed me. Guillaume is technically skilled and wildly creative. (...) He maintains humility and sensibility in both his demeanor and work approach.

I will say, without hesitation, that Wiiztivi has been critical to the success of this project. They have worked tirelessly, diligently, and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to a continued partnership with the Wiztivi team.

Diana Costa, Director, Product Development, Altice US