01. The Project

Porting of the existing service to Orange and Bouygues Set-Top-Boxes (STB)


Target Devices:

  • Orange STBs
  • Bouygues STBs

02. Challenges

  • Adapting the TIMELESSUI solution for the Orange and Bouygues ISPs.
  • Test TIMELESSUI deployment across a range of different Set Top Boxes
  • Confirm the adaptability of the solution with respect to the different buying methods of each operator

03. Our Answer

The resulting partnership will give telco customers’ access to the SVOD service extensive library which includes films, series, documentaries, and more. Afrostream will benefit from Wiztivi’s technical knowledge and expertise throughout the deployment of the project. The project was carried out using Wiztivi’s TIMELESSUI, Wiztivi’s advanced HTML5 UI product, created by the Wiztivi Creative Studio. The modular approach offers an immersive media-centric UI which is adaptable to many different markets and cultures.

The use of TIMELESSUI which is mass-market deployment ready and based on the WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK (HTML5 UI SDK), makes both the adaptation and integration to set-top boxes easier. As a result, Afrostream’s SVOD service offers an identical User Experience online and on set top boxes due to  the modular approach of TIMELESSUI which is essential to Afrostream’s UX consistency.

Afrostream is now available on the biggest Internet Service Providers in France, Orange and Bouygues, thanks to Wiztivi's TIMELESSVOD which provides the best user experience possible. The technical partnership between Afrostream and Wiztivi will open new possibilities to bring Afrostream to every screen possible

Ludovic BostralCo-Founder and CTO of Afrostream