01. The Project

6play is the catchup TV service of all the M6 channels collectively as well as some digital channels whose content is not diffused via antenna.

This new version is suitable for deployment across all boxes from all operators in order to provide users with an uninterrupted experience through  a constant visual identity.


Target Devices:

  • Set-Top-Box (STB)

02. Challenges

Wiztivi’s teams of Developers and Designers faced many challenges throughout this project:

  • How to adapt a web service to the navigation paradigm of a television?
  • How to deliver a performing User Experience while in a constrained environment?

03. Our Answer

The 6play portal was developed in stages. Specific changes and adaptations were made for each operator and STBs (player design, technical limitation).  

The first task was to deconstruct the ergonomics of these models in order to adapt the user experience to the Big screen while keeping with the service’s original identity. A UX designer (User Experience) was tasked with working on the wireframe in order to find the best possible interactions between the different points of entry of the service. By overlapping two level of menu in the header (the channel name and then the type of programme) the access to search results was optimised.

Special care was taken with regards the navigation animations of this project. For this reason, our UI (User Interface) Designers spent time collaborating with the R&D in order to create best in class transitions & animations according to the performances of the targeted devices.

The WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK versatility was of a big help to achieve this.

Wiztivi’s UI - UX Experts led the way to optimising the constraints of navigation on Television.