Wiztivi to visit HbbTV symposium 2018

Wiztivi to visit HbbTV Symposium

Great news ! The 7th HbbTV Symposium and Awards will take place on November, the 14th & 15th in Berlin.

While a European Broadcaster Union initiative first, HbbTV is now spreading worldwide. Remember when Wiztivi created the first HbbTV interactive ad broadcast in France : an interactive application launched as a pop-up in overlay, synchronised with the video of the advertising ? Ring a bell when we deployed the first T-Commerce application in Europe: Teleshopping on TF1 ?

It’s with our ability to develop and deploy innovations rapidly and our experience in HbbTV market that we are seen as an HbbTV pioneer and expert.

Thus, it is no surprise that Wiztivi will be visiting HbbTV Symposium to discuss on the HbbTV universe. Let’s get in touch!