"Can Wiztivi contribute to meeting the challenge of building and releasing a single product every six weeks across seven European markets?"

Liberty Global - 2018

To release such a high impact product every six weeks to production requires the utmost flexibility and responsiveness from the team. It took our engineers to adapt, work and collaborate in a complex environment, where requirements and features cover market all over Europe.

The case for adaptability and finding rhythm

Working on the same source code with teams from other suppliers, synchronizing with multiple stakeholders (product management, cloud, back-office and others) and releasing the product every six weeks in production requires high degree of adaptability in real time. No choice but to suit up and be on time at the release “Rendez-vous” or the bride will be gone!

Let's set up parental control

Regional flexibility and configuration

Each country has its own identity, its own dynamics. The product is polymorphic although using a single, united code base. Many features and details are configurable by the operator, such as branding, content provider rules or parental control.

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A device-agnostic platform

The product supports multiple hardware platforms (currently seven hardware variants across new generation and legacy), and runs on set-top boxes from three different manufacturers.

"We selected Wiztivi for both their specific software development expertise in the digital entertainment domain and their flexibility. Their team succeeded in keeping up with a high and sustained level of quality and agility in their deliveries."
Olivier Philippe - Vice-President of Entertainment Technology at Liberty Global
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