"We need to bring visibility to SFR's ecosystem with a renewed and accessible cloud-gaming user interface."

SFR Gaming - 2019

Both portal and the in-game portal were very new technology back in 2010. It was necessary to change the internal API’s, and also the API’s between the game portal, games and all other related components.

Gaming, from cloud to physics

The challenge was to make the service to run as smoothly as possible. We decided then to make the game portal as asynchronous as possible to avoid any frame drops and enable the smooth animations and transitions.

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More than 300 games to play

From top publishers’ AAA games to more casual ones, we have more than 300 games in our catalogue. Thanks to the streaming technology, you can play directly on your TV. No need for extra consoles or downloads.

a world-class cloud gaming solution

Explore the possibilities of our cloud gaming platform and game streaming service.

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Remotes, controllers, gamepads: we have it all

USB, bluetooth or wired gamepad: we have it covered. You can connect virtually any gamepad you might have and the STB's thin client will do the rest. Did you know that you can also play a bunch of games with your STB's remote control?

"Wiztivi Gaming highly skilled team provides SFR with a high-quality platform, streaming games in HD and in 50 frames per second. SFR now offers its end users the most successful cloud gaming service: a convenient and easy-to-play gaming experience for the whole family, with best-in-class content, available through all SFR STBs and convergent on PC/Mac."
Anne-Laure Caffin - Head of Gaming at SFR
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Refreshing the current installed set-top box base.

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Vodafone TV

Answering the challenge of delivering a seamless and complete experience to customers around the world.

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