"Can you build the next-gen TV experience for our customers worldwide?"

Altice Group - 2018

On the promise of delivering a new generation of interfaces for customers around the world, we developed a cross-platform experience, on set-top boxes and mobile devices alike, from inception to delivery. The result is a content-centric and user-focused interface that captures the interests of all.

The Lab, critical to success

Created in 2007, the Wiztivi Lab has played an active part in the Connected TV market evolution. A world-class team of UX, UI, Visual and Motion Designers working hand in hand with developers to build the next big thing in UX. For this project, the Lab delivered one UI along with two different UX: one is fully adapted to the constraints of the set-top box environment and the other adapted to mobile device ways of navigating.

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Profiles and recommendation at core

Every user of the platform can set up profiles, giving access to a personal library, favourite settings, and custom recommendations. We also made the homepage an automated hub, adapting itself to the user and easily configurable by the end user as well as the Operator.

TimelessUI Universe,
the powerhouse

When your expectations know no limits, we respond with our cutting-edge product.

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Leveraging voice control

Not only does the interface come with a custom built-in voice assistant for all your vocalized needs, it also comes ready-built for Alexa and Google Home. All-in-one.

"Congratulations to the teams for the work they have done to ensure the commercial launch of GEN 8. It's an amazing team effort. I count on you to accompany the continuation of the roadmap. Still BRAVO!"
Christophe Delaye - Executive Director of Networks and Information Systems at SFR
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Vodafone TV

Answering the challenge of delivering a seamless and complete experience to customers around the world.

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