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Best-in-class, fully integrated UX design and management console for cross platform video application deployment
Wiztivi Framework
The only open SaaS framework for cross-platform native video application development
Bespoke Video Experience
Deliver a tailored, branded video app experience across Smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile and web with our end-to-end solution from conception to launch.
Streamava end-to-end cloud gaming solution
Drive customer loyalty and increase revenue with the industry's highest quality, multi-screen cloud gaming experience - entirely managed by our gaming experts.
Off-The-Shelf Video App Solution
Reduce time-to-market and cost by leveraging our turnkey assets with cutting-edge design, that can  be rapidly customised.
SFR -1

Altice Group

Building the personalised next-gen TV experience with customized Timeless.

Altice Group

“Can you build a personalised  next-gen TV experience for our audience?”


A customised version of Timeless, enabling a cross platform, content centric, voice controlled video application that introduced an entirely new experience to customers across geographies and devices.


Worked with Altice Group to design , specify and develop enhanced user experience for their next-gen TV devices

Profiles and recommendation at core
The product enabled users to personalise profiles with preferred settings and recommendations. The homepage acted as an automated hub that adjusted based on user actions and could be customized by both end users and marketing teams at Altice.

Leveraging voice control
A custom built-in voice assistant was created to enable hands-free navigation and was integrated with Alexa and Google Home. 


The team launched the solution in record time, leveraging the Timeless to accelerate development and reduce complexity and cost of multi-platform development, test and ongoing solution management.

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Replay - Mosaic - 0-1
Gen8_FIP-Light_Unitaire1a V2
VOD tuile 7c-5c-1
Gen8-SFR_Theme-Light_Player-Live_State-B V2

"Congratulations to the teams for the work they have done to ensure the commercial launch of Gen8. It’s an amazing team effort. I count on you to accompany the continuation of the roadmap. Still BRAVO!"

Christophe DelayeExecutive Directior of Networks and Information Systems at SFR

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