Wiztivi, major partner of SFR’s STB-8 experience

Paris, 22nd August 2019 – With their new STB-8, SFR surpasses expectations to offer to their subscribers a brand-new experience: voice assistant, Wifi-6, high image and sound quality, and ability to connect to more than 200 devices… All of this within an innovative interface, completely redesigned to meet and adapt to ever-changing demand.

TIMELESS UNIVERSE: the enhanced user experience

For their new Set-top Box experience, SFR has chosen TimelessUI Universe, the brand-new user interface designed and developed by Wiztivi. Simple and intuitive, entirely controllable by voice, TimelessUI Universe places content at the heart of the experience and allows transparent navigation with direct access to all the content offered by the operator. Through its profile management, TimelessUI Universe also offers unprecedented flexibility and customization features, enabling a unique and immersive experience as the UX evolves for each user, giving priority to the content that matters most to them.

Adapted for multi-device

Another major challenge overcome by Wiztivi is multi-screen deployment.  Available on the SFR TV mobile & web applications, TimelessUI Universe seamlessly applies all the personalized parameters across devices. The user experience is enriched by options such as resume playback on any device, or the possibility to broadcast a favourite movie or series. TimelessUI Universe works across all Android and iOS devices.

More about STB 8

  • First Set-Top box on French market to offer powerful Wifi-6 technology.
  • Intelligent voice assistant.
  • 4K HDR-Dolby Vision.
  • Compatible with Dolby Atmos.
  • Multi-screen and personalized interface.
  • Cloud recording.
  • Built-in speaker.