Wiztivi invests in researchto improve accessibility for all

Wiztivi, which actively participates in research to support users with disabilities, has published a scientific article in the “Revue des Interactions Humaines Médiatisées” (Journal of mediatised human interactions).

The creation of user interfaces relies above all on understanding the end user’s needs. The question is, how does one identify and understand these needs when the user is unable to express them? This is the case for some people with disabilities, who have trouble communicating and sometimes difficulties with social interaction.

Marine Guffroy, PhD in HMI computing and User Researcher at Wiztivi, has recently participated in the writing of a scientific article proposing an adaptation of traditional design methods, in order to support these people in difficulty. It is illustrated how the human environment (family, professional staff, medical staff), called an “ecosystem”, is therefore essential for understanding the needs of people with disabilities.

How does this ecosystem intervene in the design cycle? Where is its place? How does the person with a disability participate? How can we go beyond classical design methodologies?

This article is the result of several years of research, three field studies and a collaboration between the laboratories of Valenciennes, Toulouse and Le Mans. The publication in the “Revue des Interactions Humaines Médiatisées”, particularly recognized for several years in the field of Human Machine Interaction, is a great reward.

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Congratulations to all the authors of this paper!