Wiztivi hits refreshwith a new identity and a new website

Wiztivi’s growth does not stop anymore and experts’ forecasts for the coming years are more than enthusiastic. To support its evolution and to promote its growing ambitions, Wiztivi is embracing a new visual identity.

One logo, two promises

Life is not a long and quiet river. Yet, the wave of Wiztivi’s new logo makes two major promises to our partners:

  1. The wave is a symbol of fluidity. It is this fluidity that we create, both for the implementation of our solutions into the operator system for whom the process is facilitated, and for the end user who navigates intuitively in your content through our interface.
  2. The point of arrival of the wave is above its point of departure: we accompany our customers throughout their journey and carry their project as high as they wish.

Finally, by the greatest chance (or not), this wave also draws a W, first letter of the name of our company.

Immerse yourself in a new kind of experience

Customers feedback has taught us one thing: Wiztivi’s internal design studio represents an added value rarely encountered in our ecosystem. It therefore seems important to us to give our virtual visitors a new kind of experience. Whilst browsing our new website, you will discover a pure and simple graphical universe that breaks all the standards you have known so far: innovation is part of our DNA.

Follow the steps and retrace the journey of your project within our teams, from inception to delivery. As transparency is essential, you will also discover our different manufacturing processes and the way we interact with our customers to meet their expectations.

Of course, our products are also in the spotlight. Their best features are revealed to you, as well as the new innovative trends they bring in order to always revolutionize the way content is consumed. Through the case studies – the list of which will be expanded over time – you will discover that their field of application is as vast as your imagination.

Last but not least, you will get to meet us. Our teams are passionate about their work and quality is one of their leitmotif. Pull back the curtain and take a look behind the scenes of Wiztivi, a leading company in its market.

Have a good visit on our new website!