Wiztivi and Seraphicco-work on HbbTV OpApps for IBC 2019

At IBC2019, Wiztivi, leading company in design and development of multiscreen UI for broadcast and OTT video services, continues its close partnership with Seraphic Information Technology, global leader in empowering family screens, to firstly match a mature Web App development framework on HbbTV OpApps, providing solid support for operators to develop operator applications and get rich access to content delivery.

An HbbTV OpApp application helps to control and ensure the same user experience on consumer owned devices as on an operator owned set-top box. It can be easily deployed on smart TVs to support operator services and helps operators to largely cut CAPEX and OPEX. OpApp has been widely adopted by major European operators.

WIZTIVI’s multiscreen TimelessUI Universe brings modularity and maintainability to multiscreen video experience, which addresses both design and time-to-market challenges. The cooperation leverage WIZTIVI’s frontier expertise in multiscreen UI design and development as well as SERAPHIC’s market-proven experience in OpApp solution deployment, enhancing chances for operators to better reach and serve end consumers.

WIZTIVI is proud to announce that TimelessUI Universe is now optimized for the HbbTV Operator App standard thanks to the long-standing HbbTV expertise from Wiztivi and thanks to the valuable support of SERAPHIC. “We are very happy about this joint demonstration which enables an operator to deploy a best-in-class user experience on TV without a set-top-box. TimelessUI is a proven solution, combining all the required features for a Pay-TV service that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing operator ecosystem with a minimal effort.“ declared Laurent Le Bourhis , Director Product and Innovation at WIZTIVI.

“We’re much excited to work together with WIZTIVI on OpApps, as the collaboration will provide easier access to premium operator services and fast deployment of solid operation with less cost. SERAPHIC is proud to contribute to the HbbTV technology deployment and generate benefits for industrial partners.” Xinwen Xue, VP Product Management at SERAPHIC, added.


Here at Wiztivi, we are global leaders in the design and development of user interfaces for TVs and mobile devices. In 2016, we have taken a major step forward by acquiring Gcluster Europe thus becoming a world leader in the on-demand gaming market. Today, we have more than 160 people working to develop enhanced multi-screen user experiences and cloud gaming services.

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