EPG: Maximize Revenue with Custom UX

One of the key aspects of marketing today is the promise of an exceptional experience for the users, no matter the product or service being sold. With lots of competing EPG solutions out there, it is paramount that careful attention be put into developing a media guide interface that meets the expectations of users. A personalized EPG has immeasurable advantages, including reduced costs in the long run, which is the most important aspect for any operator. It also has the ability to evolve with ease according to new trends that emerge every day.

EPG, a source of additional income

One major advantage of a well laid out EPG is increased popularity among users which has the possibility of generating extraordinary revenue for the operator. Another significant source of revenue is promotional content within the interface. This will involve setting up a system that allows programs and channels to make offers for additional and preferential placement, thus more visible to users. The offers, using previews or trailers, can be for rentals or purchases of future programs or replays for past programs on their connected TV. This placement, when aligned correctly with a user’s watch history, will not only yield more views for the channel or program but also attract more of the operators’ offers.

Another aspect of visual content is that uses tend to gravitate towards what is often flashed in front of them, the subliminal messages. A well designed EPG is adaptive enough to carefully place ads, in a way users will be enticed to discover, creating an even bigger revenue source. This is one tremendous advantage of having a flexible, tailor-made EPG.


Personalisation of EPG, a major challenge

One major feature that most operators overlook is the specific users in different countries who prefer different content on their connected TV as a result of their diverse cultures. This can be captured in the type of content lined up and adverts placed in-between. This goes hand in hand with thematic filtering of channels to different genres such as sports, entertainment and educational content.

Inclusivity is also mandatory in today’s manuals. A well-designed EPG should be simple and easy to use, one that a child with a remote can understand and maneuver when trying to search for a cartoon episode on their own. It should not be rocket science. Better yet, the ultimate EPG concept should be comprehensive enough to cater to people with visual and hearing impairments, as well as any other disability a user may have. This would only be possible with a tailor-made EPG which may include innovations such as audible cues or narration and the option of enlarged characters on screen for users with impaired eye-sight. To take this a step further, voice-activated media guides are available for any service provider willing to take that step – something similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. That would be the perfect definition of a user-friendly tool, one that any user with any disability can access. Even without any disabilities or impairments, a normal user will be able to appreciate these features as well, since they contribute to the ease of use of the platform.

Answer to new users

As a user, how irritating would it be to have to struggle to find the specific line-up of what you had intended to watch? An Electronic Program Guide is just as good and efficient as its design interface. Users are quick to recognize bad design and may unknowingly shift attention elsewhere to avoid it. A crucial aspect of design is what meets the eye at first impression: the color scheme, thumbnails, animated clips and even the sizes of the grid cells itself. A proper personalized view with automatic recommendations based on user history of navigation is set to keep users glued for much longer as opposed to a generic grid. Other features such as the option to add certain programs or channels to favorites and the ability to view one’s watch history are a great integration to an EPG too.


Ease of integration of EPG solution

The integration of a certified EPG is a complex process, especially due to the limits of customization proposed. An independent developer, on the other hand, offers a wide range of flexible aspects, adding to the specific character of the EPG. This not only increases performance but also increases user satisfaction.

How to choose?

The acquisition of an Electronic Program Guide solution that offers the ultimate user experience and is flexible enough to adapt to different user preferences is a worthwhile investment. Do not hesitate to contact us to stay ahead of competition with these ideals that allow the operator to stay ahead of the consumers requests.

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