A step towards digital footprint reduction

5 days to reduce our digital footprint

For 3 years, Wiztivi participated in the international digital clean-up to reduce our digital environmental impact. We joined some 700,000 French participants to encourage and promote more responsible digital consumption.

This year, we launched a charitable recycling project in addition to our traditional data clean-up. That way, we could be more efficient because equipment represents the most important part of the digital impact.

A charitable recycling & data clean up

Cyber World Clean-Up 2022 - Goals - v2-corrigee

Thanks to our IT department and collaborators, around 200 unused electronic and electric items were collected, of which more than 50% were functional.

By collecting functional digital equipment, we are acting to reduce inequalities.

The smartphones were dropped off at our partner SFR, in the Paridis store in Nantes. Emmaus connect will repair and distribute them to people in a digital divide situation.

Cyber World Clean-Up 2022 - SFR

Moreover, by repairing and reusing digital equipment, we are extending their lifespan. This helps to limit the resources used to manufacture new digital equipment.

To go further, we have organized a big data clean-up. More than 1,810,068 data have been deleted, including 47,866 emails (7,910 in 2021), that is 55 GB of data!

Any non-functional equipment will be deposited at the “Cantine Numérique” (Digital Canteen) in Nantes and recycled by the eco-organization Ecologic.

Benefits on biodiversity, climate, economy and human being

Recycling or extending the life of digital equipment helps to preserve biodiversity, protecting flora and fauna, limiting the consumption of untreated water and avoiding landfills.

We also act for the climate, limiting greenhouse gas emissions (extraction of raw materials for manufacturing requires a lot of energy, especially fossil fuels).

The benefits of this project are human and economical, promoting job creation in France, in the social and reconditioning sectors, preserving human health and integrity (extraction of raw materials for manufacturing).

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